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This month we are pleased to welcome commercial associate Simon Pennefather to the cleaned up, revamped crew at Harty Rushmere where we emphasize true team work to support our clients. Cassandra Savides has also joined the team as a consultant. For further details on any of these stories, check out our Web site. You can

SCA confirms ASA has no jurisdiction over non-members

Although the Advertising Standards Authority cannot exercise jurisdiction over anyone who is not a member of their organisation, a recent appeal has illustrated that they may still hold some power in regulating advertising in South Africa. This is positive news for consumers, who are directly impacted by the untruths communicated in false advertising. Historically, the

Insourcing does not automatically trigger employee transfer obligations

South Africa’s recent protests across tertiary institutions demanding the insourcing of services such as cleaning and security has sparked an interesting conversation around what conditions trigger section 197 of the Labour Relations Act (LRA). In terms of section 197 of the LRA, a company that takes over a business as a going concern is mandated