Information regulator appoints chairperson

Former IEC Chairperson Pansy Tlakula has nominated by the National Assembly as South Africa’s Information Regulator. This newly established role is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance, as well as handling complaints related to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). Advocates Lebogang Cordelia Stroom and Johannes Collen Weapond join him as full time members,

Addressing cybercrime with the Protection of Personal Information Act

Cybercrime is no longer a rare occurrence. Between 70% and 80% of South African adults have been victims of cybercrime, and it is estimated that cybercrime cost the South African economy approximately R5.8 billion in 2014. Cybercrime comes at an ever-escalating cost to individuals and businesses, and requires clear legislation. This legislation begins with protecting

The Protection of Personal Information Act and your business

The introduction of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act provides consumers with the security and knowledge that their data will only be used for sanctioned purposes. However, this has a significant impact on businesses, which have enjoyed the benefits of mining the data of consumers to add value to their businesses and inform their